Attend our TED Talk-Style presentations on staying relevant in a hyper competitive marketplace


The market is flooded with competition. What are you going to do about it?

TED Talk-Style Presentations while you eat & drink wine:

  • Video Prospecting: how to produce prospecting videos without a budget for a videographer. Presented by Gregg Anderson (41 Orange)
  • Sales Emails in 2018: Navigating the new technical and cultural hurdles in the cold email space. Presented by Nate Wright (Inbox Attack & Mailshake)
  • Sales-Friendly Community Building: How to build your own community of prospects that convert. Presented by TBD.
  • Growth Stacks: The future of the growth stack presented Nora Edmonds (HubSpot)

After a short break, you’ll be invited to participate in a group roundtable, where you can share what’s working for you (and what’s not), new obstacles you’re tackling, and any industry specific insights you’ve uncovered.



  • 430pm - Registration, Seating
  • 500pm - Welcome and Food & Wine Served
  • 515pm - Presentations
  • 630pm - Break + Roundtable on “What’s happening on the front-lines?”
  • 730pm - Closing Remarks


  • Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 4:30 to 7:30 PM (PST)
  • 41 Orange Office: 3990 Old Town Avenue, Suite A-203, San Diego, CA 92114


You must reserve your seat via the reservation form. We can only accommodate twelve (12) attendees. First come, first serve. No exceptions. 

These seats will go very fast! Request your spot, now!


  • Meet like-minded sales and marketing executives in the who share your passion for growth
  • Learn how to stay "top of mind" and to build brand awareness in your community
  • Discover how to generate leads without an advertising budget
  • Stay ahead of technology and trends, and achieve greater results for your business
  • Impress your friends with acronyms like CM, DMARC, and more


How much does this event cost?

This event is free. YOU LUCKY DEVIL, YOU!

If I fill out the form on this page, does that mean I'm registered for the event?

No. You will get a confirmation email from us. In order to ensure the content is customized and relevant to the audience that will get the most value from this topic, we are screening attendees one-by-one. Oh, aren't you special if you get selected, eh?

Can I bring a friend? 

Maybe. Please email us at sayhello@41orange.com and provide a link to their LinkedIn profile, and one sentence on why you think they'd be a good fit for this meetup.

Will there be food and beverage?

Yes. We will order from a local restaurant AND we're going to have wine!











Why is 41 Orange hosting this event?

We are looking to bring together a group of professionals who are unafraid to buck against the status quo and who will come to change the rules of the game we play in. We desire to interact with and to make friends with the very best. 

Oh, and HubSpot's coming out to San Diego, so there's that, too!

Who is 41 Orange? 

41 Orange works with professional services companies that are serious about growth but are often frustrated that they've invested time, money, and effort on marketing the business, yet their effort has not produced the traffic, leads, or other results they had hoped for. 

We help our clients fill the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. We do this by identifying and providing our clients with the key ingredients to grow their businesses.

Our main focus is inbound marketing. As a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, we help companies build successful online lead generation and marketing automation programs, in addition to a wide variety of other strategies and tactics that enable companies to build successful sales and marketing programs.

Why  does 41 Orange exist?

As Simon Sinek says in this TedX classic, you need to "find your why."

Our why is that we like to help people. It just so happens that we do marketing—that's why we put on events like these—to help people like you!

If I work for another marketing agency, am I welcome at the event?

Maybe. In the marketing industry our unique strategies are our intellectual property—it's what drives our competitive advantage. If you've got a great reason for attending like you're interested in working for 41 Orange or you think we fill a gap that your agency has, then perhaps you can attend.

But, primarily, this event is not for agencies—it's for people who work in SMB's and are responsible for their company's growth, like in-house sales and marketing teams, or and c-level staff.

Can I pitch my services at your meeting?

Negative. At no time can you "pitch" your services to the group, unless the group mutually agrees to learn more about your service and it pertains to the planned topic.

You will have a chance to talk more about what your company does in the meeting as it pertains to your specific goals and challenges. You will also have the chance to talk about your experience as a professional, and as that pertains to your industry.

Are network marketers allowed? 

Negative. If you are a network marketer, please do not register for this event, because the strategies and tactics we'll be talking about probably won't help you.

Will there be more of these events?

Maybe. This is part of a pilot program. If you attend and want to see more of these events, we'd love your feedback and would be open to partnering with you on future events.

Will this meet up be fun?

Yes! Duh. Haven't you been paying attention?










Contact Gregg Anderson at sayhello@41orange.com or shoot me a text at (619) 929-0174 if you want to chat. I won't bite... or at least I don't think I will? My advice: proceed with caution.

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