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Utilizing Social Media to Reflect Brand Values

Social media marketing is one of the most transparent forms of marketing yet. It's interactive, responsive, and comes with its own set of data analytics tools baked into the websites. Social media's value is derived from its ability to interpret lead responses quickly, identify potential areas for improvement, and seamlessly integrate those improvements into future social media marketing campaigns. Social media campaigns enable companies to utilize much more targeted ads that provide value to your customers and returns for your company.

Social media is a great tool in helping your brand tone of voice and brand personality shine through. While written content can help, the person to person interaction of social media can truly help your audience understand your voice and tone.

Brand Development and Interaction

Social media’s greatest strength is leveraging its connection and responsiveness to customers. Wendy’s Twitter is an excellent example of leveraging social media to create a certain brand that resonates with customers. Wendy’s Twitter embraced a “sassy” approach to customer relations and picked fights with rival fast-food operators. In a few instances, those rivals have even blocked Wendy’s on Twitter, sparking a viral reaction. The Wendy’s Twitter is an strong example of the power that company voice can exert to craft or remake a brand. Wendy’s was able to transform the stodgy, big-corporate image in a matter of years into a young, hip corporation that doesn’t mind if it attacks mean customers, picks fights with rivals, and comments on the news. These are all supposed to be “taboo” for company brands, but Wendy’s was able to channel these taboo topics into a positive brand identity that has increased its sales.

Embodying the Brand

While Wendy’s leaned into the snarky side, maybe your brand is professional, sarcastic, dry, supporting, humorous or any of the many “personalities” you can adopt. Social media can connect your company to different people, with different experiences, and bring them together with your company. Your company can use social media to develop a personality for your company.

However, while social media allows you develop an embodiment of your brand, make sure that it is a style that meshes with your company, your employees, your product, and your ethos. Your company needs to maintain that brand personality for years. For instance, undoubtedly, Wendy’s workers must endure snark when they take peoples’ orders. Carefully consider your company’s mode of operation, are you the distant, aloof, professional types? Do you provide responsive, kind, and support to your customers? Embrace your company’s culture as a tool to develop your brand.

Sharing Stories

Stories are an excellent way to push your brand’s values. Your social media marketing tools should expand beyond responses to customers, sharing deals, sweepstakes, and other promotional tools. It can and should include stories that align with your brand’s values and personality. These stories should be free from brand or promotional material and should focus on connecting with your customers.

These unbranded stories illustrate to your customers that you provide them with value, stories they may find interesting, enlightening, or helpful. Social media content can be used to transform your company from merely pitching services and products to customers but rather into a valuable resource on which your customers can rely on. There isn’t a “hard and fast” rule on the right mix of promotional and unbranded stories, keep the approach organic. If your company runs across a series of unbranded stories that resonate with your company, then embrace them! Share them with your consumers, and be willing to be the personal voice of your business. 

Organic Interactions

Your customers expect an organic interaction through social media. There isn’t a golden rule to which you should adhere (other than communicating in a manner your customers can gain understanding). However, embrace your brand's voice! Are you funny and professional? Do you utilize emojis? How about slang or common acronyms? Your goal here is to get your social media content to resonate with your potential customer. 

Use your social media profile to like and link to things your audience finds engaging or interesting. Use your social media platforms to interact in the same way you would as if it were your personal social media accounts. Embrace the connection that social media builds to have “real-life” conversations with your customers.

Social media is a powerful tool that can connect you with your audience. However, it is also very risky. As the recent United Airlines public relations disaster illustrates, a single bad story can bounce around the Internet and define your company for years. Social media is a great tool, but it is also a dangerous one. Experienced social media marketing professionals can monitor and manage your social media campaign to ensure that your brand’s personality is created, upheld, and supported with unbranded stories. 41 Orange provides a robust range of services, including social media marketing tools, to help any company develop a responsive client-base. You can use social media to build your brand, embrace it. If you're aspiring in upping your social media game, download our social media content calendar!

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Gregg Anderson

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