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Marketing Agency Relationships Take Two To Tango

Working with your marketing agency is just that — work! Similar to your personal relationships, the world’s most successful unions are those that take time and effort.

Good marriages at home and in the C-Suite are not a one-way street. Both parties require putting their backs into making long-term relationships sustain themselves. True and meaningful bonds are not transactional. In fact, the best are symbiotic, where a mutually beneficial partnership emerges.

The Cost of Marketing: In-house vs. Agency Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business and it can make or break a company. This is why many businesses are so cautious about their marketing today. One of the biggest dilemmas that companies are faced with when looking for the best marketing strategies to boost their brands is the choice between an in-house marketing and working with a marketing agency. The dilemma here comes from the fact that most companies operate on a very limited marketing budget. The choice made depends on the priorities and long-term goals of the company and how the decision makers choose to try and help their businesses grow. 

Why You Should Push for Weekly Meetings with Your Marketing Agency

Here are 41 Orange, we learned pretty early on that clear and consistent communication is key to a successful relationship.