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What's the Deal with Facebook Chatbots?

Right this moment, there are over 2 billion people on Facebook. Chasing its heels comes Facebook’s messenger app, Messenger, at 1.23 billion and rapidly growing. While many marketers have noted the importance of Facebook as a social media platform and a great place for digital ads in recent years, far too few have capitalized upon the opportunity to interact with customers more directly, through chat and messaging.

Utilizing Social Media to Reflect Brand Values

Social media marketing is one of the most transparent forms of marketing yet. It's interactive, responsive, and comes with its own set of data analytics tools baked into the websites. Social media's value is derived from its ability to interpret lead responses quickly, identify potential areas for improvement, and seamlessly integrate those improvements into future social media marketing campaigns. Social media campaigns enable companies to utilize much more targeted ads that provide value to your customers and returns for your company.

Social media is a great tool in helping your brand tone of voice and brand personality shine through. While written content can help, the person to person interaction of social media can truly help your audience understand your voice and tone.

Crafting Your Message: Understanding User Intent of Each Social Media Platform

Any marketing and content strategy expert will tell you that you need to use social media marketing, but not every channel is the same. Users engage with each platform differently whether that is Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, or Instagram. As marketers, it's up to us to create messages that match how users engage with these platforms. Part of implementing a social media strategy is understanding the type of messages that are put out on different social networks.

Up Your Social Media Marketing with Live Video

Live video marketing has become a sensational trend in social media marketing and if you are not using it, then you are lagging behind. Introduced after the massive success of pre-recorded videos in marketing, live videos have spread through the various platforms like a bushfire. Originally used in traditional video streaming services like Twitch and Youtube, the trend has now spread to the mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat. Its massive uptake by the social media users globally has prompted brands and marketers to incorporate it in their marketing strategies and it is duly paying dividends. So, why is live video marketing so successful? How are brands using this revolutionary tool to market themselves?

Connecting with your Audience: Social Media Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Social media has transformed real estate marketing in recent years. It’s never been easier to reach out to an individual and deliver a tailored piece of advertising, nor has the response to real estate marketing campaigns ever been as rapid. Understanding how to make proper use of social networks for marketing is particularly important for any business which deals in relationships more than products—businesses such as real estate.

Why Customer Service on Social is Essential for Ecommerce

Social media is more than a way to promote your brand - it's a connection to your leads that develops personal relationships. So what separates the good from the great in social media marketing?