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6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is Essential to B2B Lead Generation

The day of researching and qualifying every single business lead manually are coming to an end. Forget spending hours going through your leads to identify whether or not they are the right person. There's technology for that -- affordable technology. In fact, many of your marketing activities can, and should, be automated. 

Why GPCT Should Be in Every B2B Marketing Plan

As a business owner or head of marketing, your main responsibility is to grow your company. Everything you do is geared towards helping your company reach the next level. You know that in order to really grow, you need to invest in marketing your business.

But before you invest in your marketing or even engage an agency partner for any marketing services, you need to decide what success really looks like for you. And we mean really defining what you and your team want to achieve through your marketing efforts.

This is where "GPCT" comes in. 

5 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Leads from Your Blog

You've heard the rave reviews about how blogging helps generate new business. Excited and ready to give it everything you have, you jump right in. Blog posts are coming easily and quickly, and you're publishing regularly.

But there's just one problem: You're not getting leads. 

 If you're reading this article because your blog is not bringing in the business you want, let me just say this: You are not alone, friend. There are several reasons why your blog isn't generating new business for your company -- and they are quite common. Here's what to look for and how to fix the issue to start generating those leads! 

7 Factors of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound Marketing. You’ve probably been hearing this phrase getting tossed around more and more. The digital world is changing, faster than we could have ever imagined. And with Google at the helm, we are all set on the course that this Silicon Valley behemoth guides us towards. Where are we headed? Well, Google isn’t too keen anymore on SEO-keyword-overload or extreme keyword density, or any of the other tricks of the trade that savvy marketers have been conjuring up for the last few years. Traditional outbound marketing isn’t working anymore, either. The average human today is inundated with more than 2,000 outbound marketing interruptions per day—not much room for your business to break through, huh?

How to Get Business from LinkedIn in Less than 25 Minutes Per Day

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter—it seems like the list of social media websites grows larger all the time. For the business owner who has decided to make digital and inbound marketing an essential part of the business plan, these social media websites are a crucial part stepping stone to success. However, it can become quite time consuming to hit every platform, every day. There may become a time where you have to pick and choose a couple of these social media websites to be your “go-to” source for social lead generation.

B2B Edition: How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

As a business owner or marketing manager of a small to midsize business, you may be wondering, "how much should I spend on marketing?" This is a question we get a lot from new clients, especially those who have aggressive growth goals for the year. While there is no one answer that suits every business, this is the advice we give to our clients: