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Tips for Using Regional Events in your Marketing and Sales Funnel

There are many ways to help your marketing efforts and sales funnel --  but one of the most effective can be hosting events. Curating events is a fun way to increase lead generation, build a community, gain credibility and build relationships. In this article you will see how we have broken down the benefits of event marketing and why we think that events with peer to peer interactions can be the most beneficial to your business. 

The Benefits of Event Marketing Campaigns

Grow Your Lead Database

Though events can help assist with sales, we want to make it clear that prospects who attend your events might not be converting at them, but… hosting an event is a great opportunity to add them to your database and nurture them into becoming a closed deal! Especially for B2B prospects -- this is an excellent opportunity where attendees can become more than just leads, but instead you’re building relationships with them. Events are the perfect place for lead sourcing. Setting a goal of how many leads you are looking to get out of event with with your sales reps is a good place to start.

Develop Quality Relationships 

It’s rare to have in-person engagements these day, so connecting with clients, customers or prospects on a face-to-face personal level can increase their level of engagement with your brand - making that relationship stronger.

Hosting events can also strengthen a community because when you meet others with similar interests it helps grow and build relationships within your industry. Additionally, when like minded prospects engage in activities together it can encourage more active engagement online and on social media.

From creating new relationships with prospects to hosting a client appreciation night for your loyal customers, events help businesses grow and retain relationships at all stages of the sales cycle.

Expand Your Brand Awareness & Build Rapport

Events are a great way to get new prospects interested in your brand to learn more.Think of hosting an event as an opportunity for prospects to physically interact with your brand. Events give you the opportunity to control how your brand is portrayed and if you give off a great first impression prospects will associate your event and your brand positively. Events can also help bring your mission or goal of the company to life through the nurtured relationships.

Many things can be said when you host an event, especially when you go above and beyond people’s expectations. When you create an event that is focused on an experience and not on an outcome or learning objective your event will be hard to forget -- which coincidentally will make it easier for people to remember your company, especially if they are having fun.

While ebooks, whitepapers, webinars and other marketing tactics are good for certain stages of your buyer’s journey events can’t compare when it comes to making an experience and creating a memory in your prospects mind.

If your industry is in a saturated market, a great way to increase the quality and credibility of your event is to combine forces with a charity or company sponsor. People are more likely to remember your brand when it is associated with a cause that they care about and to provide a source of local flare for people to be drawn into. 

Some of the top emotions that help customers to connect to a brand is interest and trust. These emotions are most likely associated with brand loyalty. If you can bring out these qualities during your events, it’s a sure way to leaving a good impression of your brand on your prospect. 

Make Your Business A Thought Leader

Another benefit of hosting an event is having your business seen as a producer of new ideas and collaboration. Events can strengthen your credibility and thought leadership - especially if your event adds value to the community. If you have speakers or influencers at an event, their  expertise will help align your brand to be an industry leader. 

Why Face-to-Face Event Model Is Important

According to research shows that a face-to-face event strategy can assist in many different sales and marketing goals.

  • The majority (84%) of leadership including Vice Presidents and C-Suite executives believe that in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success. 
  • 41% of marketers believe that events are the single most effective marketing channel over digital marketing, email marketing and content marketing.
  • 68% of B2B marketers use in person events for lead generation initiatives 73% of marketers are prioritizing lead quality from events.
  • Businesses within the software & service industry invest more heavily, and more consistently in in-person events with 42% of these businesses allocating over 21% of their marketing budget to events.
  • 81% of markets believe that in the upcoming years, live events will become increasingly important to their organization’s success.
  • 68% of B2B marketers agree that live events help generate the most leads, while case studies help convert and accelerate the most leads.
  • 50% of marketers say their primary reason for events are lead generation/sales and community building.


Other benefits and opportunities of hosting face-to-face events include your targer audience being more concentrated on a presentation, the ability to network with like minded people before, during and after your event, an increase in interactive and engaging conversations, but ultimately an event can provide an experience which can create a positive connection between a prospect and a company - which in turn leads to top of mind thinking when thinking about services needed. 

Final Thoughts 

Event campaigns are a great way to bring leads into your sales and marketing funnel. Here at 41 Orange not only do we encourage this approach for our clients, but we use this approach to grow our own network as we have had many successful event campaigns.

Our marketing strategy and event approach: we help brands build strong relationships with their prospective customers and channel partners. We can help you identify and create the right experiences to offer prospects according to their buyer journey.

After building a community of target prospects we engage these prospects with experiences by organizing events. The biggest takeaway - events can help you build strong and lasting relationships with prospects when you provide value before even beginning your sales process.

About the Author: Brianna Zantman

Brianna Zantman

Brianna Zantman is an advertising professional who has experience in digital marketing, radio and print-publication media buying, video project management, paid media, social media marketing, public relations, graphic design and photography (Adobe Creative Suite), SEO optimization, campaign and creative strategy. Brianna holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Journalism with a specialization in Advertising and a minor in Art from San Diego State University.