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The Value of HubSpot Reporting

Results from marketing driven efforts are great, but they mean nothing if you cannot show how the efforts turned into results. It makes sense that someone spending dollars on marketing would want to understand how those dollars turned from efforts back into dollars. Luckily, whether you need to show how the contact you attracted through social media, turned into a lead, was nurtured through a drip and converted on a landing page; or just show the number of attendees who registered for an event, hubspot has you covered.

HubSpot is a single platform for all your inbound marketing needs. The ability to create website pages, forms, cta’s, social media posts, marketing emails, and so much more all in one place makes reporting on all of those tools easy.

Why You Should be Using HubSpot for your reporting?

You can be sure that some of the people you work with are looking at your website, and that’s good because a lot of time and money went into it. That is why it would be so helpful to know exactly how many of your prospects and customers are viewing your website and what pages they are spending their time on allowing you to better decide where to spend your dollars when it comes time to optimize.

HubSpot can encompass an entire digital marketing strategy allowing you to create a website, manage social media, create email campaigns, utilize high touch personalized sales sequences, and that’s not even all. Having all of these tools under one login not only makes your life easier, but it allows you to track the path of a wandering lead, to a warmed of prospect, all the way to your favorite customer. Don’t want to host your website on HubSpot? Use the HubSpot tracking code on your existing website to nearly the same effect.

With HubSpots custom dashboards you can report across multiple data sets including contacts, companies and deals. Find out who on your sales team touched the lead that just closed the million dollar lead, and still be able to provide credit to the person who first brought the company into the CRM.

Does your business rely on events? Track your attendees with a HubSpot landing page and form, allowing the leads to build your attendee list for you. At the end of the year create a report tracking event specific form submissions to see which were most successful and adjust next year’s strategy accordingly.

Clear and Easy

You already know why it’s so easy to track leads with HubSpot, but what about demonstrating ROI for a project? HubSpot takes the work out of analytics with Sales and Marketing Dashboards. See which of your campaigns yielded results and which ones need to be cut. With the HubSpot source property you can see which of your leads came from cold email or social media, but more importantly you can see which of your customers came from each source demonstrating the true ROI of a campaign.

Thinking this sounds great, but you are not interested in spending time mastering the reporting tool? HubSpot has a long list of built-in reports that make it easy for you to start reporting. Start with a suggested built-in dashboard and customize as needed saving you time and bringing you insight into email performance, form submissions, campaign success and much more. Not only can you customize the reports, but all of HubSpot's dashboards are highly customizable as well. Keep marketing and sales separate, smash them together with your content strategy, or get rid of them to focus on inbound efforts. With HubSpot reporting dashboards, the power is in your hands.

HubSpot Works outside of HubSPot

You already have a reporting system that you have worked hard on and you are not sure if it would be worth it to scrap it in favor of HubSpot. HubSpot integrates with google sheets and excel making it easy to slide right into those pivot tables you send over to your boss for the daily summary. You could still utilize those alluring HubSpot reports, but export the data to mix it with sales and marketing data from other platforms taking it to the next level.

Happy with your existing website, but wish you had better visibility into traffic and on page conversions? Use the HubSpot tracking code to see who is trafficking your sight, and easily throw a HubSpot form onto your page to drop converted prospects right into the CRM.

ABM Works

Account based marketing works and is being consistently used by business to improve B2B Marketing and corner the market. HubSpot’s reporting makes implementing an ABM strategy easy by combining all aspects of a campaign under one roof and providing you with  built-in or customized reports to instantly demonstrate what is and is not working. Want to learn more about how HubSpot can be utilized to improve your ABM strategy?

The Community is Huge and Helpful

My favorite thing about HubSpot is the community. It does not matter how capable a user or software platform is. There will be points of blockage and confusion, and when we hit those roadblocks it is best to have a community to help us out. Pretty much any question you have about HubSpot can be answered by a knowledge piece, video, or by the community at large. Take a look at these 9 dashboard examples to see what I am talking about. 

About the Author: Alex Kirkwood

Alex Kirkwood

Alex is 41 Orange's resident HubSpot specialist, and fancies himself a marketing tech pro. He graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors degree in Communications and is funnier than you think you are.