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Easy Ways to Revive Old Blog Content

Blog content costs time and money. As part of your regular content marketing strategy, you may publish anywhere between 12-60 posts a year. As time goes on, some of these posts will become dated, and other excellent content may become buried.

The last thing you want to do is start deleting content and jeopardizing valuable links. So what do you do with old blog content? Older, evergreen content doesn't have to stay where it is in your archives. Reuse this existing content to bring in more leads, without having to write more, high-quality content.

Check out these time and money-saving tips to revive old blog content, bringing new links to life.

Create easily digestible social media graphics

Create mini infographics. If your blog post was based on a study, turn that study into a visual representation, or multiple representations and then link back to the original blog post. This will add new life and promotes your original piece too.

You don't need an advanced design for this but can do a simple chart design overlaying an image, like this trucking content piece. You'll revive your old content while increasing your stock of social graphics and be budget conscious too.

Utilize photos to create informative and entertaining memes. Psychologists have found that we enjoy these funny or inspiring images because people like seeing the familiar presented in a new way. So grab your pull quotes from that 23-page white paper and start sorting your Getty image files, letting shareable social media give your blog new life.

Use the original content as a basis for video creation

Video rules visibility in 2017. Easily turn your written content into a quick 3-minute video explaining the topic. There are over 1.3 billion people on YouTube that you can potentially reach. Share these videos on your blog for additional visibility, covering two search options with a single piece of content.

Create 30-second demonstration videos that can be shared with or without sound. Buzzfeed's food channel Tasty has over 30 million followers and is only found on Facebook. These recipes can be viewed quickly while on the go through the Facebook autoplay option.

Create a full-fledged infographic

Some people learn more visually than others. Much like the easily digestible social media graphics, a fuller infographic can explain a point more thoroughly. A great way to make the most of your content effort is to create a full-fledged infographic, then promote this as both an entire piece, and in bite-sized sections. All the work and budget goes into the larger content creation, yet you can still get a dual use of your efforts.

Check out this example on solar energy tax credits. Detailed sources and data are assembled to provide a visual example on the company website. This full-length infographic can also be sectioned as above to share as easily digestible social media above, or used as graphics on a more in-depth blog post or whitepaper. You could also use these graphics as featured images for each blog post, then go into greater written depth on the subject.

Keep content alive.

Content shouldn't remain stagnant, it can be molded and reshaped in different ways to give your audience valuable information. Examine your metrics and search data to help determine which pieces of content can be repurposed best, such as those with the highest traffic in Google Analytics. Analyze your keyword competitors to selected targeted subjects and then find your best expert information.

Brands are always looking for evergreen content, but what's the use of everlasting info that no one is looking at anymore? Reviving old content lets you share important brand information while maximizing your budget too.

About the Author: Samantha Anderson

Samantha Anderson

Samantha is the COO and co-founder of 41 Orange, inc, a marketing agency. She is also currently a member of the Board of Directors for San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, Balboa Park’s resident classical ballet school since 1945. Hailing from the agency world, Sam has worked with Fortune 500 tech, financial, and consumer brands, including Intel, Petco and LPL Financial, to shape their online presence and reach their target audiences more effectively through social media and beyond. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, emphasis in public relations from San Diego State University.