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Can Bots Write Good Marketing Content?

We are living in an era of technological advancements and are heading toward a time when Artificial Intelligence may overtake human efforts. One such example is the growing use of AI bots in business. These robots seem to have found their place in various wings of businesses on everything from messaging platforms to apps.

AI bots can now even write articles for you.

Content arguably forms the base of your identity on an online platform. The better your product is explained to a potential client, the better the chances for him to become a customer. You need articles that can relate and explain your product or business to a customer in a conversational, friendly way.

Writing is personal and subjective, but if AI can make your life easier by writing content for you, is it effective?

First things first: Let’s learn more about these much-discussed AI bots.

Bots, what exactly are they?

Bots are software programs developed specifically to automate the tasks which are otherwise done by humans. They add convenience and automation to any job. Initially, they were designed to perform simpler tasks such as making reservations or deliver automated messages. But they have achieved immense popularity in messaging apps as chatbots where they converse more like a human.

With these advancements made, a bot can be assigned any kind of task, from scheduling and confirming appointments to taking customer requests, just like a human. Recently, Taco Bell introduced a customer service messenger bot that communicates with the real-time customers about the orders they wish to place and offers options to pay via an automated chat service.

Can they write content, too?

They actually have! There are a number of companies that have accepted AI bots as a speedy and cost-effective measure to supplying the language they need to reach a customer.

These AI bots are being used as automated content generators and companies who need articles produced at scale are either using them or are considering adopting this software.

What kind of content are AI bots good for?

AI bots have excelled in various fields and when it comes to content, they are slowly and steadily making a space of their own. There are a number of AI companies who have entered into content creation and distribution and are making headlines as they are associated with big names in journalism, such as Forbes. Any piece of content that is focused on dry data and doesn’t require an emotional touch can be produced by AI. Anything that deals with direct questions such as who, what, where and why, can be generated automatically. Content by AI, in general, is an assimilation of data but it is a human approach that makes it interesting enough to generate a sensible storyline. But when it comes to adding emotion, machine learning fails.

What kind of content are bots NOT good for?

Any piece of content that has a emotion beyond the facts should not be handled by an AI bot. You cannot insert instructions in a bot to produce content in a particular way simply by adding subject requirements. Here are a few elements that a bot generally misses while producing content:

  • Personal touch
  • Natural language
  • The tone that varies with every piece of content
  • Creativity
  • Specific angles
  • Big picture approach
  • Messaging and positioning


These points are the essence of any piece of content. If missed, the quality of the final piece is subpar at best. The references may differ, the tone won’t align, humor, sadness, or any emotion, for that matter, can’t be injected into a content piece developed by a bot.

So, human-written content wins the race?


We tried weighing in the advantages and disadvantages of AI produced content and realized that no matter how much we scale on intelligence and technology, there are certain inputs only people can provide.

In any kind of storytelling, whether it be an an article for your customers or a novel, emotional and conversational knowledge is just as important as knowledge on the topic. A human can understand the greater context of a topic, whereas an AI bot can only deal with facts. AI does not primarily understand the impact created by the content on its audience and would lose the plot that may stand important from a reader’s point of view. Whereas a human writer not only understands the outcome, but also adds on valuable points that drives one to make the final decision.

As marketers and business people, we understand how important it is to relate to your customers on an emotional level. Compelling content must be a perfect blend of factual information, data-driven facts, creativity, emotions, context and conversation. While an AI approach is viable to offer a structure to the content, the art of creativity and effective storytelling lies with people. 

AI may be making strides in our daily lives, but we shouldn’t rely on AI for everything. The process of effective content creation is one of them. Understanding the audience and crafting the content with a goal is something bots still can’t do.

If you truly want your marketing efforts to work, quality content from expert writers who understand the customer base and specific strategies to be followed are necessary.

Connect with our professional content marketing strategists who can write compelling, interesting content for your consumers that can help you reach your business goals.


About the Author: Gregg Anderson

Gregg Anderson

Gregg is a Veteran of the Armed Forces and a graduate of San Diego State University, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship. Gregg’s experience in the marketing industry ranges from auditing and planning marketing strategies for the small business next door, to crafting strategies for multimillion-dollar ventures. He also has experience in the startup, angel, and venture capital environment.