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Best B2B Content: Analysis and Insight from Over 50,000 Articles

Want to create a listacle but thinking this strategy has been burned out? Worry not - it’s 2020 and readers still love them. B2B content doesn’t have to be boring and there are strategies to make your B2B content the perfect for your target audience. 

Which Type of Content is Best For You?

Evergreen content can be a great way to write material that won’t grow old and can serve you for a long time. But is evergreen the best strategy for your industry?

According to, based off of timing, social engagement and backlinks, the industries with the best evergreen content are: politics, science, health, news, celebrities are marketing. The industries with the lowest scores were: fashion, news, finance and tech. 

The evergreen strategy might not be the best for your goals, either way, you will need to decide in which format you will be writing your B2B content in. 


  • PRO: A perfect way to easily digest a lot of info in a visually appealing way. 
  • CON: Can take a lot of prep including research, copywriting and design to make one look good with the quality information you’re looking for.


  • PRO: They are easy to make and easy to read.
  • CON: The market is oversaturated with them and they can feel overdone.


  • PRO: The demand for videos is only increasing as they are hugely successful in social networking. Many studies have shown that ROI on videos can be the best bang for your buck.
  • CON: “The most resource-intensive type of content” according to BuzzSumo.

How-To Content

  • PRO: This old-timer type of content is considered the most popular and historic. When writing How-To content you are putting yourself in a place where you can help your reader through a problem they might have.
  • CON: This type of “do-it-yourself” mentality might not fit in with your target audience. \

First Impressions Are Everything

Top 6 Best Titles of All Time

Your title and subhead can be your most powerful way of pulling in your target audience. Even if people are seeing your headline you want to make it strong enough for them to read it. Especially since, according to Überflip eight out of ten people will read your headline copy but only two of them will read the rest of your story.

According to Buzzsumo some of the all time best performing B2B headlines include:

  1. “The Future of”
  2. “How to Use”
  3. “Need to” (without “know”)
  4. “How to Create”
  5. “Here’s How”
  6. “You Need to Know”

In terms of social engagement - the best content type by the number of shares are the “Success” articles while the best content type by number of backlinks were those with “Guide” in the title.

According to Überflip the number headline is a good way to stand out. It is also suggested to use the question headline as a way to capture your reader’s attention. You can be asking a question that the reader may be thinking or one that they are asking. 

PRO TIP: add a comparison clause to make the question headline stronger and not one-sided. Readers will be more inclined to see what stance the article takes on the topic. Example: “Is eating Pizza All Day Bad For You … or is it The Newest Diet That All The Celebrities Are Trying?” (because if so - I’m in.)

The Benefit headlines take a key feature from the article and presents it as a benefit (different from the how-to headline even though it is common to use “How” in these types of article titles.)

Überflip also recommends adding superlatives to change the tone and urgency of the headline, but make sure to not overdo it. Less is more in this case. Studies have shown that if you overdue it your reader is less interested. 

What Does Your Article Look Like?

Keeping your blog short, simple and sweet not only helps you write concisely, but shorter blogs are also more visually appealing. Readers are less likely to want to read a large article that goes on and on. As Digital Doughnut points out: B2B articles should not beat around the bush - it’s best to keep them metric based and to the point.

According to study from Buzzsumo with a sample of 52,000 blogs surveyed:

  • 74% of blogs posted were short blogs (less than 1,000 words)
  • 20% of blogs posted were considered medium length blogs (1,000 - 2,000 words)
  • 4% of blogs posted were long blogs (2,000 - 3,000 words)
  • 2% of blogs posted were considered extra long blogs (3,000 words)

This concept also applies to how you break up your paragraphs. Make sure you don’t have large blocks of text within your blogs by using short paragraphs and bullet points. If visuals are appropriate for your article this can help keep your readers engaged and help break up the article. 

Make It Your Own

Before creating content make sure you have a content strategy in place to ensure that you are keeping your content fresh and unique. What are the important questions being asked and what will bring value to your target audience? As TNW explains you will want to take a look at what content has already been written to make sure yours is unique.

According to Digital Doughnut you will be set up for success if your articles are bringing valuable insight, are authoritative and are engaging.

It’s important to think of your content in different stages of the sales funnel. Having a variety of angels and topics is the best strategy so you are not limiting the resources available to a single personas or stage of the buyer’s journey.

Neil Patel expanded on this by saying a moderately valuable piece of content is good, but a stronger piece of content, with highly valuable content, that a variety of persons can use -- can be great.

Ready To Take The Next Step? 

41 Orange is an expert in curating B2B content that excels in SEO strategies, is concise and metric focused, visually appealing and in the format that will resonate with your target audience the most or a variety of industries.

What type of content do you want to create next?

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