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Lauren Ventura

Lauren is a Boston, Mass. transplant, loving the California sunshine since she headed out here to attend UC-San Diego. After sticking’ around to head to San Diego State for graduate school, she was hooked on that sunshine. Now Lauren helps build brands with her writing chops for everything from magical yoga pants, running shoes, marathons, pet food and pet furniture and hundreds of other brands that are too far-out to remember. Hundreds. She has a beautiful daughter that inspires her to work hard to live the Cali dream. Catch her on Twitter @DoItWriteNow!
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The Art of Permission in Inbound Marketing & Why it Works

Last year, we here at 41 Orange were lucky enough to attend Hubspot’s annual INBOUND conference in Boston, Mass. It was a three-day whirlwind of learning, listening and sifting through it all at the end. But one keynote really resonated with me, personally, and it was Seth Godin’s talk on permission marketing. If you’re not familiar with Godin, he’s the godfather of permission marketing and coined the term in 1999. In fact, he literally wrote the book on it, “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends, and Friends Into Customers,” a winning must-read to enhance your permission marketing knowledge.

Successful Business Leaders Know These 9 Marketing Facts

What sets apart good leaders from great leaders is the ability to drive and sustain growth in an organization. Successful business leaders know that marketing is the secret to successfully growing their company. 

Over time, we have noticed a lot of commonalities in successful business leaders—almost like a secret sauce that all savvy business owners know and value. We’d like to share the top nine facts about marketing that all those successful business owners and leaders know.

Hiring An Agency: When It's a Good (Or Bad) Idea

Agencies were born out of need. Looking back, Volney B. Palmer opened the first advertising agency in Philadelphia, Penn. in 1850—the first of its kind in the United States. Palmer’s agency placed ads produced by its clients in various newspapers—basically a modern-day paid advertiser. And since the 1700s, agencies across the world have been helping business owners make their business more profitable, helping said business’ customers experience a better service, or merely let the world know they exist. It’s a need that’s been a need since the dawn of commerce.

7 Factors of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound Marketing. You’ve probably been hearing this phrase getting tossed around more and more. The digital world is changing, faster than we could have ever imagined. And with Google at the helm, we are all set on the course that this Silicon Valley behemoth guides us towards. Where are we headed? Well, Google isn’t too keen anymore on SEO-keyword-overload or extreme keyword density, or any of the other tricks of the trade that savvy marketers have been conjuring up for the last few years. Traditional outbound marketing isn’t working anymore, either. The average human today is inundated with more than 2,000 outbound marketing interruptions per day—not much room for your business to break through, huh?

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Blogging for Business

It’s hard not to sound like an infomercial when you start pumping up the benefits of blogging for your business. “It’s great! Everyone’s doing it!” “You haven’t tried blogging yet?! You have no idea what you’re missing out on!” The cliches are endless, quite honestly. But, here’s the thing: They’re kind of true. Not only does blogging bring gobs of traffic to your business’ site, but that traffic is prime to be converted into leads. Once you shake that organic traffic tree, you have no idea what might come tumbling out.