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Utilizing Videos in Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is one of the most engaging methods to connect with your customers. You have probably run across kitschy, short, fun, and memorable videos on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. This social video content uses cheap but engaging graphics, pictorials, short and punchy sentences that easily grab the attention of the audience. Most of these online videos are not much longer than a few minutes and they focus on one or two issues, making them very effective at engaging the viewer and leaving a favorable impact.

For years the Achilles Heel of video advertising was poor Internet connections and slow speeds. However, advances with smartphone, 4G, 5G, LTE networks and enhanced WiFi and Internet connections means video advertising is available to just about anyone with a phone, computer, or tablet. This was a perfect opportunity for marketers to capture a new audience with engaging social video content.

In combination with a strategic inbound marketing plan, online video content marketing could be a huge driver for the growth of your business.

There are several different types of videos that you can utilize in your inbound marketing campaigns:

How It Works - The Explainer Video

“How It Works” videos focus on explaining products, services, or things related to your products and services. These are often designed to help your customer by showing them how to accomplish a daily task more efficiently, or to show how your company product works. These are often short-form videos and very visually based on the product itself, but less on human interaction.

These videos can be cheeky and clever as well. The quintessential example is the “top view” that only show the person’s hands, tools, and ingredients. Similarly, these videos are also a very top level overview of your product and how it works. These videos that are popular with cooking and home crafts. You have probably seen these on Facebook and YouTube. In fact, the “How It Works” and “How To” videos are very popular on organic Google plain text search results which are 50x more effective than plain text. Several industry studies have found that these explainer videos can increase conversions by up to 20 percent. These videos are a great way to help increase brand awareness and to capture new viewers who have never heard of you before.

Who We Are - The Brand Video

“Who We Are” videos are designed to attract leads. These videos focus on selling your brand story, values, and vision. They go over the story of your company, how you were inspired, and how you built your company product in an engaging way. They can use animation, music, and little “skits” to tell your company’s story in an immersive manner (much more immersive and interactive than an “About Us” page).

These videos focus less on pitching a particular product or service and instead are designed to sell the idea of your business. They are usually short, emphasize a compelling viewpoint, and are designed to leave favorable impressions.

Personalized - The Interactive Video

The Personalized video can be trickier to pull off but one of the most impactful. These videos are attached to email addresses and incorporate the recipient’s name and other information. A popular example is the “Memories” video that collects data and pictures between two friends showing their relationship on Facebook.

These videos can make direct appeals to the customer, usually to discuss a particular or product the customer has used or expressed interest in before. This content strategy works particularly well for individuals who are far along in the sales process and deep in the sales funnel. By adding that personalization to the people you're prospecting, you're communicating with them on a much more personal level.

Testimonials - The Social Proof Video

Customers are your best marketing tool. People are far more likely to trust opinions from other customers than from an advertisement. Whereas “How To” videos explain your products, testimonials showcase the effectiveness of your products and services and allow you to weave in your brand. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 82 percent of marketers incorporate some version of Testimonial videos into their marketing campaigns.

Testimonials or case studies serve as proof that your products and services are effective and worthwhile. Usually these videos are used later on in the marketing funnel to encourage prospects to purchase your product through social proof.

Video marketing is one of the most effective techniques to develop your company’s brand, products, and services. Videos are highly favored by Google search bots and can substantially increase your company’s search listings. In short, videos should compose a core part of any online marketing strategy.

If you're looking for help with your inbound marketing strategy, we can help! If you're interested in learning more about how inbound marketing can grow your business, sign up for a free consultation. 

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About the Author: Samantha Anderson

Samantha Anderson

Samantha is the COO and co-founder of 41 Orange, inc, a marketing agency. She is also currently a member of the Board of Directors for San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, Balboa Park’s resident classical ballet school since 1945. Hailing from the agency world, Sam has worked with Fortune 500 tech, financial, and consumer brands, including Intel, Petco and LPL Financial, to shape their online presence and reach their target audiences more effectively through social media and beyond. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, emphasis in public relations from San Diego State University.