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This is the Most Common Pitfall in B2B Inbound Marketing

Right now, if you want to generate leads there is no more effective and cost-effective way of doing so than with inbound marketing.

According to Hubspot, inbound typically generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, and at only about one-third the cost.

On top of that, SEO-based inbound leads have an average 14.6% close rate, versus only 1.7% for outbound methods.

Congrats, You have leads! Now What?

You’ve perfected the top of your funnel, cultivating several well-designed points of entry. Visitors are pouring in to your website, drawn by top notch content and savvy SEO, and once they arrive they’re taking action. You have more leads than you know what to do with as guests sign up for newsletters and submit contact forms.

You’re halfway to success. What comes next? 

Create Buyer Personas to Accelerate Your B2B Lead Generation

There's a pretty good chance that one of the main goals of your inbound marketing campaign is to improve your B2B lead generation. There are numerous strategies out there that can be extremely effective at generating leads if implemented into your overall marketing strategy correctly. However, the first step of creating an effective lead generation marketing program is understanding how to effectively reach your audience. This is accomplished through the creation of a buyer persona.

B2B Marketing Strategies: Selling to Millennial Professionals

Have you started thinking about Millennials in your B2B marketing strategies? It might be hard to believe, since they were "just kids" a few years ago, but they are rapidly entering management levels. According to Pew research, they are already the largest generation in the US workforce, and their numbers are only going to grow in the years to come.

And if you try to talk to them like you talk to Boomers, they'll show you the door.

There are probably few generation gaps we know of larger than that separating the Millennials from the Boomers. They have had vastly different upbringings, creating vastly different views on life. Knowing how to talk to them is going to be key to B2B marketing strategies moving forward.

Your Outdated Website is Costing You Sales

Having a great website has been recognized as a necessity for B2C businesses for quite some time. Consumers have flocked to the Internet and love to search online for their favorite things to buy. Attractive websites with easy navigation have been proven to increase traffic, revenues and sales for retail companies. And now in the era of mobile search, these companies have jumped on the bandwagon of mobile-friendly websites.