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10 Essential Tools Our Inbound Marketing Team is Thankful For

It's nearly Thanksgiving, and in the spirit of giving thanks, our team decided to reflect on the amazing tools we use every day that allow us to work efficiently, effectively and intelligently as a team. Talent and strategy only get you so far -- the technology we use enables our ability to implement and scale those inbound marketing strategies and utilize our talent in the best way possible.

Why Inbound Marketing is Essential to B2B Online Marketing in 2017

As one of the fastest growing marketing strategies for online businesses, inbound marketing is highly cost effective when it comes to lead generation.  

Adblockers empower potential customers to opt out of traditional advertising methods, forcing businesses to shift away from traditional marketing tactics. Using inbound marketing, online businesses are able to utilize various methods to help customers find their brand. Tactics such as content marketing and social media marketing are used very effectively to generate leads, as well as inform and educate the consumer as part of the process to convert leads into sales.

Here are six ways creative inbound marketing tactics can help to grow your business in 2017.

5 Tips for a Content Marketing Program that Drives Sales Today

You're reading this because you've been paying attention. You know that content marketing and inbound marketing are not just the future of marketing, but the now. Because it works. Why else would global brands invest so much into their content? 

Surprising Ways That Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

Marketing automation allows a small team to do the work of an entire department.

It improves customer service, saves time and reduces staff error rates. In short, it could enable your company to reach new heights. It certainly helps increase your online leads and push leads through the sales funnel faster. 

Have you considered using a marketing and sales automation tool such as HubSpot for your business? Read on to learn more. 

10 Key Insights for Successful B2B Inbound Marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding what inbound marketing is and whether or not you're doing it already. 

The fact of the matter is, yes -- most companies are doing pieces of inbound marketing. They may have an SEO optimized website. They might publish content a couple times a year. They may even have an email subscribe form on their site.

But these are all just slices of the inbound marketing pie. 

Why Inbound Marketing is a Long-Term Strategy with Great Results

In a world of instant gratification, "Get it Now"s and real-time results, "long-term" has somehow become a dirty word.