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The Importance of Marketing for Property Management Companies

Keeping a steady flow of property clientele at any property site can sometimes call for creative marketing strategies. This means thinking out of the box when it comes to advertising. Consider the following ways to increase your selling through these simple and efficient marketing techniques:

Know Your Competition

If your competition is consistently filling its vacancies faster than you, then they are doing something right and you need in on it! Don’t be shy about sending over a “shopper” to the competition who will be able to get some insight into what is working for them and bring some ideas back to you. This might mean offering people that work through your door equal or better values before they go look for a deal with the competition because you can confidently tell them that what you are offering is just as good as and better than what they could get elsewhere. This also may include stepping up any amenities that you offer, special pricing agreements, or waiving additional fees.

Social Media Presence

You certainly can’t offer great deals if no one knows about them, so you have to take your marketing where the potential customers frequent the most and today that is social media. This means doing some research and finding out what the local community sites are and asking the administrator of the site if you can join. Even though this may be a potential bonanza of clients, you must tread carefully on these sites because many administrators will not allow soliciting from businesses. Go on it as a person who simply lives in the community and post some “FYI deals” from time to time about your property. This could include seeing an open house sign that will take place in the coming week or that the property now offers a new amenity that they had not offered before. Any small bit of information that can be posted can have a snowball effect if just a few people see it and then post the information on their personal threads.

Know Your Key Words and Use Them

With nearly 80% of key word searches for information called “long-tail searches,” most consumers are very specific about what they are looking for. This means you need to understand how to incorporate your best deals into your meta descriptions so they are found first by most of the potential clients in your area. This involves creating a basic list of keyword phrases that you offer at your property on a regular basis and then updating that same list online on a weekly basis with new specials, amenities or anything else that will entice someone to come to your property. Google actually has a keyword planner to use that is free of charge to help you create your list. There are specific ways to incorporate these strategies into Google for this type of search.

Current Clientele Means Future Clientele

There is nothing like a good review so if your own backyard is not clean, then those who live in it will espouse your brand to others in a negative way. This means making sure that what you say you are offering is reflecting in your current property and that the majority of the residents are happy with it. Then, offer them incentives to promote the property on their own through word of mouth and if someone comes in to see the property on their advice, then they will receive that gift or special offer for their positive feedback.

Utilize the Chamber of Commerce

Your part of the community in which your property resides, so that makes you an active civic member that can join the local chamber of commerce and take part in community meetings, and town hall events that will allow you to advertise your property for free by virtue of being a chamber of commerce member. It will also give you an opportunity to know all the other business owners in the area and form relationships with them. They may then allow you to market through their businesses as well with flyers or newsletters available to their customers on their site if you recommend their services to your residents for cleaning, moving, and other services. It is also a way to get close to your competition!


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