What Real Estate Brands Should Expect Working with a Marketing Agency

Online marketing is often the silver bullet that can take many real estate brands, property management companies and commercial design firms to new heights. But often these businesses either don't have the staff to manage a full marketing program in-house, or don't have the skills to do it at the level they'd like.

That's when a marketing agency can step in to save the day!

Modern marketing requires the confluence of practical web design, compelling content, A/B testing, data metrics, search engine optimization, and analysis. Marketing agencies specialize in developing these various talents to raise expertise and lower costs. You can try to develop these skills internally however the cost to invest in these skills and the learning curve to train your team can quickly stagnant your company’s growth.

Marketing agencies aren’t for every business. If you find that your team is overwhelmed by the various skills and growth is stalled, it may be time to consider a marketing agency. When you look to hire your first marketing company, you should expect the agency to address these six issues.

New & Improved Lead Strategies

The nature of growing a business eschews a standardized marketing and sales strategy. Most companies need to remain nimble to respond to market pressures. However, as your business grows, your relationship with your customers should grow as well which necessitates the maturation of strategy.

An agency will discuss marketing techniques for your clients, help with connecting with past clients and various tools to generate new business leads. You will develop an overarching strategy that is composed of different techniques and campaigns depending on the client or leads you are trying to reach.

Plus, if your sales strategy is need of some help, some marketing agencies can help with sales enablement. They will implement marketing that will bring in the right leads, at the right time, and help you bridge the gap between marketing and sales with lead nurturing

Shared Responsibilities

No marketing agency, no matter how skilled, can build your marketing strategy in a vacuum. The agency will need to cooperate and collaborate with your internal team. As such, the company will discuss the shared responsibilities between them and your business.

Expect your business to shoulder some of the burden to ensure that the marketing agency stays properly appraised of your company’s sales and marketing objectives. For example, you may need to review the content that the marketing agency writes for you. You'll also likely meet at least once every 2 weeks to discuss progress and swap notes on how to improve your results.

The best part is the longer you work with a marketing agency, the better they will learn your business and be able to operate autonomously. As soon as that learning curve is conquered, an agency will act more as a partner than a vendor.

But Some Level of Autonomy

Just because the agency will require your company’s cooperation, don’t take that as a need to micromanage their handling of your account. The agency will have an established project management methodology that will allow them to keep your marketing running smoothly. Let the agency focus on ensuring that your company and their team operate seamlessly.

The other thing to remember is that Inbound does take some time to work. On average, inbound marketing results from a program with tactics such as blogging, SEO and social media can take 6 to 9-months to yield optimal results.

Insights on ROI & Marketing Attribution

Attribution reporting is simply how the marketing agency reports to you the, ROI, growth and slumps in the strategy. The agency should be able to explain every metric to you and how the company is growing. Ask the agency to explain every metric and how they measure new business.

There are a variety of metrics to assess marketing strategies. These metrics will range from “clicks” and “unique visitors” to actual sales and subscriptions. Specifically, the agency should discuss your return on investment; a good measurement is a cost per new customer, returning customer, etc.


Investing in the Future

Online marketing is an investment; a typical agency will charge between $2,500 and $10,000 a month to start. This is likely a lot of money compared to your internal team, but remembers that marketing agencies bring together a variety of disciplines to improve every aspect of your online marketing strategy.

Online marketing is all about building momentum and growing your business. The investment in a marketing agency will generate long-term and reliable revenue streams.

Mutual Transparency

Every agency should expect near unfettered access to your company’s sales and marketing data. The more information they possess, the better they can refine their techniques to improve your sales. Moreover, you should also expect the agency to keep your business appraised of every step in the marketing strategy.

As stated above, the company should explain every metric and how that relates to real dollars and your return on investment. The more efficiently your business and the marketing agency cooperate, the better you can grow your business.

Hiring a marketing agency is a major decision for any business to undertake. When your business is ready, make sure that you take extra care to hire the right company for your business. A reliable and consistent marketing campaign can bring your business to new levels of operation. A poorly executed strategy will cost your business customers, money, and reputation. Ask questions. Understand the process and stay involved in the plan.


About the Author:

Gregg Anderson
Gregg Anderson

Gregg is a Veteran of the Armed Forces and a graduate of San Diego State University, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship. Gregg’s experience in the marketing industry ranges from auditing and planning marketing strategies for the small business next door, to crafting strategies for multimillion-dollar ventures. He also has experience in the startup, angel, and venture capital environment.