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What is a Bounce Rate and Why Should I Care?

Your website is the primary storefront for your business. It is your window to the world of markets and potential new customers. It is crucial that you know what is working on your website and what isn’t. Are your landing pages converting leads? Is the website’s front-page drawing people in? Does your site look modern? Are the pages easy to navigate?

How to Accurately A/B Test Your Marketing Content

You are probably asking yourself, what is the point of A/B testing? You know your product, your company, and your market. You don’t need a bunch of charts and graphs to tell you how to design your website, what products to offer, or how to adapt your emails, landing pages, or calls to action.

Easy Ways to Revive Old Blog Content

Blog content costs time and money. As part of your regular content marketing strategy, you may publish anywhere between 12-60 posts a year. As time goes on, some of these posts will become dated, and other excellent content may become buried.

Up Your Social Media Marketing with Live Video

Live video marketing has become a sensational trend in social media marketing and if you are not using it, then you are lagging behind. Introduced after the massive success of pre-recorded videos in marketing, live videos have spread through the various platforms like a bushfire. Originally used in traditional video streaming services like Twitch and Youtube, the trend has now spread to the mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat. Its massive uptake by the social media users globally has prompted brands and marketers to incorporate it in their marketing strategies and it is duly paying dividends. So, why is live video marketing so successful? How are brands using this revolutionary tool to market themselves?

Connecting with your Audience: Social Media Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Social media has transformed real estate marketing in recent years. It’s never been easier to reach out to an individual and deliver a tailored piece of advertising, nor has the response to real estate marketing campaigns ever been as rapid. Understanding how to make proper use of social networks for marketing is particularly important for any business which deals in relationships more than products—businesses such as real estate.

4 Effective Ways to Generate Leads From Your Website

Many B2B companies find it challenging to convert their website visitors into leads. In fact, over 40% of B2B marketing professionals say that converting leads into customers is the biggest challenge they face. They don’t know where or how to begin, but they know they need more – and better – leads. For them, lead generation and conversion is still entrenched in the traditional methods of referrals, direct mail, cold calling and advertising.