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How to Generate More Leads on your Website using SEO & Social Media

With information readily available for any future customer, it’s important to understand where your ideal customers are within the buyer’s journey. By utilizing SEO, blogging, and social media, you’re targeting customers at the right moment, message, making it much more likely that they’re going to hear your message.

Each stage has its own unique challenges, and here are a few techniques on how to capture your leads attention during each stage:

Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is the first part of the buyer’s journey. At this point of the journey, the buyer is encountering some sort of problem that needs to be solved. Typically at this stage, buyers are searching for answers to a problem they encountered. If SEO keywords are implemented and utilized correctly, your website appears within the first few pages of Google’s search results.  

Let’s say for example you’re a startup trying to market your asset management software. Potential buyers may search things like, “different ways to store files” or “best way to organize pictures online.” Using keywords and other SEO optimization techniques along with consistent blogging, users may find your brand during their search and become aware of your product as a solution to their problem. It’s crucial to obtain the information of the visitor before they leave the page. This could be done using an offer, such as a coupon or discount, after submitting information, like an email address. This allows you to be more in control during the next stage of the journey. 

Consideration Stage

Now that potential buyers are aware of their problem and figuring out how to solve it, it’s important to give them as much information as possible about how your product can help them solve their problem. Blog posts are an easy way to give pertinent information to potential buyers in a way that’s digestible but also branded. After creating these blog posts, it’s important to share them through social media channels to drive traffic from social to your website.

If you’ve been able to capture your lead’s information, utilizing an email drip campaign to educate them more about your product. If you manage to capture their social accounts, you can create a campaign through those appropriate channels.

In the example that we used previously, creating blog posts about how to set up file taxonomy could be extremely helpful to your potential buyer. Other informational posts about organization and asset management, or how they can help create efficient workflows would be another way to help with the user’s problems.

Decision Stage 

By now, your potential buyer has done research on several different solutions to their problem and they’re looking to pick a final product soon. By utilizing social media, you go to where your users are and share information that way as well. It’s easy to target your buyer persona through social media, so you can share the information with them in a digestible and organic way.

Social media allows brands to interact with current and prospective customers on a much more intimate level than any other form of communication. By utilizing that communication, it’s very easy to establish trust and maintain a dialogue between the brand and consumer.


After a purchase or decision is made, it’s always important to maintain the bond with that customer. Delight the customer with a thank you email, offer them promotions, and ask them for their unbiased reviews of products. The leads maintained through the buyer’s journey will transform into promoters, and help attract new leads through them.

Always remember that SEO strategies and rankings are not instantaneous and that it takes time to see a change in traffic improvement. It’s important to stay consistent, and to create content on a regular basis so as to establish trust and credibility. Maintaining all of these things can help raise your page’s authority, as well as increase traffic to your webpage.

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About the Author: Sarah Laoyan

Sarah Laoyan

Sarah is the Marketing Coordinator at 41 Orange. She recently graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism, with an emphasis in advertising.