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How to Create the Perfect About Page for Your Company Website

As people visit your website, they are learning all about the services you provide and who your customers are. When a visitor clicks on the website about page that means they want to know more about your company and why it exists. 

Writing an about page for your company website may sound simple, but talking about yourself may not come as easily as you would assume. There are many pieces of your story to include in order to have an about page that turns website visitors into potential customers.

Any website visitor can be a potential customer making decisions about your product or service.  To ensure you serve your content in a concise and creative way, it needs to be authentic to help build trust with the visitors clicking on your about page.

Based on consumer research, you should know exactly who your target audience is. So, if you’re writing to business professionals, moms or senior citizens, be sure to write your content in a way that resonates with those groups.

It may feel overwhelming to serve website visitors everything on your about page, but here are some content tips that will give your potential customers clarity into why your company is the one they should trust:

Mission statement and values.

Explain why your company was founded and what you have set out to do. What values do you have that potential customers will respect and trust?

How you solve your customers’ problems.

Spell out the problem that your product or service solves. Potential customers may realize your business is the solution they have been searching for.

What you do better than your competition.  

What makes your company unique? What services do you offer that allows you to stand out? Highlight the qualities of your business that other businesses can’t compete with.

Tell your story.

Keep it short and sweet. Tell your feel-good story but remember that your goal is to sell your product so keep it concise.

Answer frequently asked questions.

Be sure to include key details like how long has your company been around, where its located or the company size.

Mention your credentials.

Don’t forget to mention awards you’ve won, licenses and certifications you have or testimonials from industry leaders.

Integrate multimedia content.

Including photos of your team on the page helps people put a face to your business and can build brand trust. If videos, charts or graphs are appropriate, those visuals are a great way to break up walls of text.

Links to your social media pages.

Ask people to check out and follow your social media pages, it gives people a deeper dive into your personality as a company.

Add calls to action.

If people like what they see, make sure it’s easy for them to take the next step, whether it's subscribing to your blogs or newsletters, applying for a job or contacting you for more information.

Use quantifiable figures.

The ability to show real results is more impressive than using empty claims.

Talk about how you support your community.

Build trust with people by mentioning any charity your company does and how you give back to your local community. People are more likely to support businesses that align with their values and like to know that their money is being used in a positive way.


After you’ve written all of your content, have someone who doesn’t know your business give your about page a 10 to 15-second glance-over to see what they have absorbed from your page. Pay attention to the impression they got from taking a short look at your page and see if they figure out what your company is about.

Once you’re satisfied with your page content and how it looks, share it with the world! Be sure to check up on your website analytics periodically to see if you’re hitting your KPIs with your page content. If your numbers aren’t where you’d like them to be, test different content until you’re satisfied with your results.  

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About the Author: Ashley Lawson

Ashley Lawson

As a graduate from San Diego State with a degree in Journalism- Media Studies she helps brands craft the message they want to convey to their audience by finding their strengths and weaknesses on marketing platforms and improving how they connect to their audience.