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How to Boost Marketing Creativity

With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet today, your brand isn’t the only one competing for the attention of your audience. Your content marketing strategy needs to be more creative than your competition’s.

A marketing campaign that stands out from the rest requires creative thinking about your brand. Always taking the same approach to strategy could result in creating the same content you’ve always done. Change your routine. Have your meeting in a new place, or play games that spark creativity, or get feedback from members of your team that don’t usually strategize with you.

Decide what your goals are before you begin strategizing new ideas for your brand, and then you can start building a plan for how to accomplish them. A content strategy for creating brand awareness will differ from a strategy for getting leads to your site and converting those leads to sales.

Before you reinvent the wheel, take a look at what else is going on in your market. What are your competitors doing that you could do better or expand on? If their content marketing strategy is more creative and effective than what you’ve been doing, you could be losing customers to them.

Change up your strategy by taking a new angle. If you’ve been focused solely on marketing, take a step back and look for opportunities to serve as a resource for your customers. There may be ways for you to educate them, or even be an advocate for things that are important to them. While the popular brand Ben and Jerry’s could fill their blog with all things ice cream, they choose to include blogging about social issues. Expanding your idea of what your brand should be talking about opens a new door for your content strategy.

Instead of guessing what your customers needs are, try asking them. By finding out what problems they face every day, your content marketing strategy can help solve them. This can be done creatively: IKEA created an augmented reality app that solves their customers’ problem of not knowing how a piece of furniture will fit and look in their home. Create an experience for your customers that is helpful and memorable.

It’s no secret that most brands have more than one target audience. A creative content marketing strategy should target the individual segments within your audience. You wouldn’t advertise to millennials the same way you’d advertise to baby boomers, so you shouldn’t create content for your audience as a whole.

Creating strategies for different audiences may even catch the attention of people you didn’t think fit into your audience. Remember when everyone knew Pedialyte as a child’s drink in the baby aisle? Pedialyte noticed that hungover adults were drinking Pedialyte for recovery after a night out, so they started marketing to that audience. A third of Pedialyte's sales now come from adults, up nearly 60 percent since 2012.

Your customers can become your biggest advocates, and word of mouth is a great way to spread awareness for your campaign. After all, recommendations from people you trust are the most credible form of advertising.

Your audience aren’t simply consumers; these days, many of them are creators. Social media allows anyone to have a platform, so why not encourage your audience to share your brand on their platforms? Take what Doritos did for numerous Super Bowls. The company asked fans to get creative and create their own Doritos Super Bowl commercial, in exchange for prizes and getting their commercial aired during the Super Bowl. The result? Doritos turned many of their customers into advocates and gained quality user-generated content over the many years that the promotion ran.

When creating your campaign, consider all the different types of platforms and media that can be taken advantage of. An email marketing campaign is great, but one integrated with social media, video, radio or television ads, augmented or virtual reality and podcasts is even better. Find what works for your campaign and make the most out of all the media available to you. Take into account how big your audience is and how engaged they are when choosing platforms. If you need a larger reach for a more effective campaign, paid advertising is something to consider to boost your reach.


About the Author: Ashley Lawson

Ashley Lawson

As a graduate from San Diego State with a degree in Journalism- Media Studies she helps brands craft the message they want to convey to their audience by finding their strengths and weaknesses on marketing platforms and improving how they connect to their audience.