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Content Development Strategies

The internet is a comprehensive accumulation of content in every virtual shape and form. According to, 91.8 million blog posts are published monthly on WordPress alone, 3.2 billion images are shared daily on the internet and Google processes more than 40 thousand searches per second.

With so many sources of content, it’s become difficult to stand out from the crowd even while addressing niche targets. Fortunately, we have some tips to enhance your production, regardless of the nature of your business.

After analyzing companies that are considered optimal examples of content development, we’ve come up with a list of four ways to improve your company’s content:

1) Engage Consumers

Businesses that actively incorporate their customers into their marketing strategies develop a deeper, more personal relationship with established and potential buyers. Leveraging blog, photo, video, and other content submissions allows followers to feel like a part of the company and gives prospective clients something to look forward to when they decide to switch to your product or service.

For example, successful clothing brands will often take to social media to share photos submitted by customers as a way to advertise their product and their customer. In turn, people buy the clothes hoping to be promoted on the company’s social media. The business has the potential to increase sales while connecting with followers and sharing experiences.

2)  Unique Selling Point & Branding

What makes your company unique? What services can you offer that others can't? Pinpointing your one-of-a-kind commodity paves the road for any content you might want to generate in the future. Once you know exactly what you’re focusing on, you can structure the rest of your output accordingly.

For example, Airbnb offers their customers a safe, credible option for housing while traveling. Potential clients can scan through a plethora of apartments, houses, condos and other rentals, but there is another unique trait to Airbnb’s branding: you can now pay for experiences. Not only are you staying in a condo in Hawaii with Jason your host, but now he’ll also teach you how to surf and take you to the best luaus on the island.

Creating and branding your company’s exclusive selling point makes it easier for you to structure all of your content development accordingly, and your unique output allows you the opportunity to stand out amongst the unlimited content sources available on the internet.

3) Inspire Your Audience (to need your product)

Another way to successfully develop content: think of ways to inspire your current or prospective clients to need your product.

For example, if you’re marketing a grocery store, adding recipes to your website (maybe even labeled with the aisle each ingredient is in) will give people an incentive to visit your store.

If you’re creating content to promote your outdoor clothing line, market different adventures and locations your users could potentially explore. Posting a beautiful image on top of a mountain or next to a river will engage your target audience and inspire them to plan their next adventure,  hopefully wearing your product.

4) User-friendly and Appealing Interface

Designing an easily navigable interface on your company’s website and social media should always be a top priority. Your readers should not have to scroll through multiple pages of “about us” before they find what they’re looking for, and they shouldn’t want to backtrack on their Instagram search because your page is dull.

Building user-friendly interfaces with a defined structure, creative aesthetic and strategic navigability enables users a stress-free, pleasing experience that they’ll associate with your brand.

Companies to Emulate:

Etsy checks all the boxes for one-of-a-kind maneuverability, user involvement and aesthetic. Each tab at the top of their page leads to a different category, all separated within niche projects and needs. There is a section for bloggers to contribute content, and throughout the user-dominated website, there are leads to parallel items in your search realm. There are also “inspiration” portions of the website where users can gain ideas for decor, jewelry, art, clothing, and events.

Another example to consider, Patagonia’s Instagram allows user submissions for videos and photography while maintaining a structured aesthetic that caters to the adventure and thrill-seeking crowd. The outdoor clothing company is a perfect example of inspiring potential customers to need your product-- once you’ve caught a glimpse from the tip of the Alps, a mini rush from a photo taken by a rock climber atop a treacherous waterfall or the excitement of a mountain biking excursion, you already have one foot in the door.

Final Thoughts

No matter how broad or specific your business, make sure you are targeting a niche audience, focusing on promoting your distinct selling points, and exhilarating and engaging your followers with whatever content you are releasing.

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About the Author: Bianca Sanborn

Bianca Sanborn

Content Coordinator Bianca has a strong background in journalism as the former Sports Editor for the Sonoma State STAR, a nationally recognized college newspaper. She also has 5 years of experienced in social media management through the STAR and various professional endeavors. Her passions include painting, music production, graphic design, photography, and videography — skills she’s often able to utilize in her profession. She graduated from Sonoma State University with Honors and a Communications degree in May 2018, and has been with 41 Orange since October of that same year.