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Gregg is a Veteran of the Armed Forces and a graduate of San Diego State University, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship. Gregg’s experience in the marketing industry ranges from auditing and planning marketing strategies for the small business next door, to crafting strategies for multimillion-dollar ventures. He also has experience in the startup, angel, and venture capital environment.
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What is Content Marketing? | Content Handbook 2018

The digital age is owned by search engines and social channels that all marketers must leverage to share content with their audiences. The content marketing landscape changes almost every week. We’re already halfway through the year, and marketers have seen their content strategies being moved by GDPR, Facebook updates, and influencer marketing trends. Marketers must shape content in new ways. Grab a drink and settle in. We’ve bundled up all the content tactics needed to create a successful content marketing strategy in 2018. Let’s get started.

The Keys to Promoting and Distributing Pillar Content

Running a blog on your business website is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand’s products and services. Unfortunately, if you don’t produce relevant “pillar content” that captures your audience, you won’t go very far.

How and Why Does Google Change its Ranking Algorithm?

Over the years, Google has cemented its place as the top search engine in the world, with over 3.5 billion searches a day.

Has Your Website Been Penalized by Google? How You Can Fix It

Google aims to match its users with content that best answers their questions and search requests.  To accomplish this goal , Google’s search engine usually changes an does an algorithm update which finetunes the process.

Google updates are  generally  met with anxiety because marketers don’t know which of their current practices will take a hit. Months of work can go up in smoke  and  your site can  be   taken  out of the search index in the blink of an eye. It’s the period when everyone in the SEO space  is kept  on their toes.

Marketing Agency Relationships Take Two To Tango

Working with your marketing agency is just that — work! Similar to your personal relationships, the world’s most successful unions are those that take time and effort.

Good marriages at home and in the C-Suite are not a one-way street. Both parties require putting their backs into making long-term relationships sustain themselves. True and meaningful bonds are not transactional. In fact, the best are symbiotic, where a mutually beneficial partnership emerges.

Power Your Marketing with SMART Goals to Achieve Stellar Results [TEMPLATE INCLUDED]

 Setting actionable marketing goals using this SMART exercise is perfect for marketers, like you, to figure out how to set achievable goals for your team—and reach them.

Planning is never easy for marketing teams, and in fact, most of us are such hit-the-ground-running-types, we tend to make goals without always ironing out all the finer details to achieve them. Oftentimes, metrics are used to measure the goals effectiveness once set in motion, but the planning part can get overlooked, or glossed over, in the heat of the moment to get a campaign up and running.