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Account Based Marketing with HubSpot


Account based marketing is effective marketing in the digital age, and is targeting the specific leads that would make up your ideal customer rather than going after everyone. Account based marketing (ABM) is made possible through a close relationship between sales and marketing. HubSpot is a tool that brings about the modern aged marriage of sales and marketing, and they even have a celebrity couple name for the pair: “smarketing”.

Smarketing is as the name implies sales and marketing, but it is also smart marketing. The age old relationship between the sales and marketing teams that turn leads into prospects and prospects into deals (as long as they are the right leads) historically has little cooperation. How many dollars have been wasted attracting unqualified companies or decision makers? AMB fixes this problem with predictive marketing selecting the right leads to focus your marketing efforts on.

Closed-Loop Reporting

HubSpot’s reporting dashboards address one of the biggest pain points by allowing for closed-Loop Reporting which shows marketing efforts turned into sales dollars with real time data. Marketing brings in leads and sales closes them, but which leads and how often is a question that most often goes unanswered. Closed-Loop reporting is exactly what it sounds like sales and marketing close the open loops between each other.

What makes this so impactful is the speed at which it shows which efforts are and are not working. If you are running multiple campaigns including ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as a cold email campaign you may find that you generate more leads from social media ads. This is where traditional marketing reporting would leave it, but thanks to closed-loop reporting you can take it a step further.

Just looking at the number of leads you may want to shut down the email campaign, but thanks to closed-loop reporting, you might find that even though the majority of your leads are coming from ads, the only leads that are converting into customers are from the cold email campaign. Even though the leads may be fewer in quantity they are actually higher in value.

Understanding where your highest quality leads come from is the idea of account based marketing. Who are your customers and how can you best reach them? HubSpot’s lead source property helps you track leads from prospect to customer, and will help you decide what areas to focus your budget for marketing campaigns in the future.

Saving Time

We’ve already discussed how closed loop reporting can shorten the time you need to spend experimenting, but there are many ways HubSpot can be implemented in an ABM strategy to save you time on your everyday tasks, but it can also start moving those leads through your sales funnel with marketing automation.

If you are running multiple social media accounts for your business you or the person doing it for you knows how much time is wasted logging in and out of all your accounts. With HubSpot you can post and monitor your posts’ performance from inside your HubSpot account. The leads that come in from social media can be automatically dropped into drips to warm them up or be enrolled into a personalized sales sequence to start booking meetings.

HubSpot also has various sales CRM integrations making the transfer of contacts and information seamless preventing you from wasting time updating contacts in two systems. Check out how easy the HubSpot-Salesforce integration is, and take a look at these other tips on how to save yourself time and money with HubSpot.

Multi-tool Resource

While we are on the subject of saving time we should take a look at some of what you can do from inside HubSpot. We often think of HubSpot as a marketing automation software, but you can do so much more including building and hosting a landing page for your event, the posts of your blog, your entire website, or maybe just the bot that greets your visitors.

So you have zeroed in on the target accounts source, are warming them up, and converting them into SQLs on your website. What if you are hitting almost the right leads, but some of the companies are just not the right size, or you are not talking with decision makers?

Again, save yourself some time and filter them out before they become a lead with a custom form and lead scoring. Maybe put them in a long-term marketing drip until they hit the right size, or just catch and release.

Take a look at some other tools in HubSpot you can implement into your account based marketing tactics.

Big Community

HubSpot is great, but what is even better than the software is the community and support network that comes with it. To start there is the HubSpot Academy offering a crash course in all things sales and marketing and how to best use HubSpot to achieve your ABM goals. But it does not end with HubSpot.

There is a huge community online ranging from beginners to HubSpot pros who have had your questions or are ready to answer them if they haven’t already. Like what to do if you have too many contacts from one company. These real world examples cut down the time you need to become proficient with the software.

Now what are you waiting for get out there and start smarketing!

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Alex Kirkwood

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