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5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Marketers

With its many awesome built-in features, WordPress can be a marketer’s best friend. But with all the changes constantly being made to the platform, along with all of the new search engine-related items to keep up with, it doesn't hurt to keep a few extra friends by your side. Here are five WordPress plugins that we think you need.  


OptinMonster is at the top of the list, and for good reason. The consensus in the WordPress community is that if you are having trouble with high bounce rates or getting traffic to convert, OptinMonster should be your first stop.

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create forms for your WordPress site. And not just any forms: these forms are special, because they look like they were hand-crafted by a skilled developer — but OptinMonster doesn’t required advanced developer skills to use. In fact, it’s amazingly easy.

The only downside for OptinMonster is that the lower cost plans can have a lack of mobile support, but that is to be expected.

Though they sometimes offer deals, there are three packages for OptinMonster: Basic ($9/month), Plus ($39/month), and Growth ($99/month)

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is second on our list, but frankly it could be tied for first place. This is another necessity that everyone in the WordPress community is talking about. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that provides you with the skilled eye of an SEO expert.

Yoast helps you ensure you are not missing anything on your WordPress website that might hurt your SEO score. With so many SEO plugins out there, and so many ways to improve your SEO, why go with Yoast? Longevity, for starters: Yoast has been in the WordPress game since 2008, and has steadily kept up with all the constant changes.

One drawback to Yoast SEO is that it can be pricey. Also, keep in mind that no one WordPress plugin can cover everything that your whole SEO strategy requires. There are too many factors for any one plugin to stay completely current with all the changes the search engines are continually making.

Yoast has many packages of all different kinds, including some dedicated solely to training you to handle your own SEO; their Local SEO for WordPress Plugin is $69.

Google XML Sitemaps

Third on the list is Google XML Sitemaps. If you are new to the WordPress community, you may not know how important sitemaps are. A sitemap is what allows search engines to easily find content on your site.  

Google XML Sitemaps is a powerful plugin that allows you to create a sitemap for your WordPress website. Having a sitemap doesn’t just give your SEO a boost — it tells search engines when you have published new content, and lets them know that the content is yours.

The only issue we’ve found with this plugin is that support can be slow, but hey, this one is free.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is fourth on our list. There are a lot of WordPress plugins out there that will help you find broken pages on your WordPress website, but this one seems to be the most talked about in the WordPress community.

True to its name, Broken Link Checker searches your site for broken links, which are pages that aren’t working correctly. It also searches for images that are missing or broken. Having broken links or missing images will hurt your SEO, so staying on top of these is important.

This plugin isn’t the all-inclusive solution for every SEO need - fixing broken links is crucial, but doing so won’t solve all of your SEO challenges. That said, it’s a great one to have, and best of all it’s a free download.


MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful resource, but it can be overwhelming if you are not an expert. This is where MonsterInsights comes in. Just as Yoast can give you the SEO insight of an expert, MonsterInsights helps you put Google Analytics to work for you.

If you are trying to improve your WordPress website's performance in any category, knowing where you are currently succeeding and failing is essential. It is expensive (Agency: $799, Pro: $300, Small Business: $199) but if your website is essential to your business, it will be money well spent.

These 5 WordPress plugins will help you raise your WordPress game. Whether you need a flashy form, a higher Google ranking, lower bounce rates, or a basic sitemap, these plugins will be your best friends. They’re easy to find, install, and put to immediate use - so what are you waiting for?


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