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21 Best Hacks for Google Docs Marketers Need to Know

Everything from formatting to collaboration, we have compiled a list of the best hacks for Google Docs that we’ve come across.

As we look for the best marketing hacks in 2019, marketers are looking at Google Drive, and specifically Google Docs, for ease and convenience.

Think you’re a Google Docs pro? Some of these hacks could surprise the savviest G Suite users.

Google Docs Setup Hacks

Start creating incredible content right off the bat by using the correct setup techniques for your document.

Use Google Doc Templates

Google has an incredible template gallery that includes several different templates like: project proposals, meeting notes, invoices, business letters, newsletters, resumes, and recipes.

Google also gives you the option to create your own template. This a great option for company-wide marketing documents that are used often like case studies, pitch decks or reporting documents.

Add Company Fonts

Add your own branded company fonts to Google docs by clicking on “more fonts” under the Font menu.

Insert Industry Jargon to the Dictionary

Tired of seeing the red line under common words in your industry or even on last names? First, click Tools and then Personal Dictionary to add words to your dictionary.

Change Google Doc Notifications

You can edit the type of notifications you would like to receive on your Google Doc. Click the comment bubble in the top right-hand corner to edit these preferences.

Google Doc Composition Hacks

Thanks to these helpful composition hacks, all you will need to focus on when working with Google Docs is keeping the creative content juices flowing (we also suggest cold brew).

Google Doc Keyboard Shortcuts

You can review all the keyboard shortcuts that Google Docs has to offer from the Help menu dropdown. Or you can use the shortcut: ⌘/ to access the same menu.

Here are some handy ones you should know:

  • Bold: ⌘ + B

  • Italic: ⌘ + I

  • Underline: ⌘ + U  

  • Add hyperlink: ⌘ + K

  • Open link: Option + Enter

  • Clear formatting: ⌘ + \

  • Find: ⌘ + F

  • Find and replace: ⌘ + Shift + Command

  • Add comment: ⌘ + Option + M

  • Open Insert menu: Control + Option + I

  • Start voice typing: ⌘+ Shift + S  

  • Paste formatting free: ⌘ + Shift + V

  • Copy formatting: ⌘ + Option + C

  • Open revision history: ⌘ + Option + Shift + H

  • Apply heading style: ⌘ + Option + [1 - 6]

  • Apply normal text style: ⌘ + Option + 0


Custom Google Doc Keyboard Shortcuts

Manage your own shortcuts by clicking Tools and then Preferences. This is a great place to enable features specific to your company like capitalization for certain words or including special characters.

Activate Voice Typing on Your Google Doc

Speak to your Google Doc to your heart's content. To active voice typing, click on the Tools menu. Or you can use the shortcut ⌘+ Shift + S listed above.

Configure Microsoft Word Documents to Google Docs

You can download the Chrome extension to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without needing Office installed on your computer and with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Access Google Docs Offline

If you work within Chrome, you can continue to work on your Google Docs when you have a spotty internet connection or no connection at all.

Turn on the Offline Sync option from Google Drive home Settings menu. Though you should be careful, your work won’t automatically save.

You must use the shortcut: ⌘S to save an editable version for your computer.

Explore Within Google Search

Highlight a word that you would like to search in Google and use the shortcut: ⌘ + Option + Shift + I to open the Explore Tool. Your web results will appear in a right-hand sidebar.

Create and View a Table of Contents

To break up long documents with multiple sections, add bookmarks by clicking Insert and select Bookmark. You will be able to add links within the Google Doc to specific sections or pages. This is particularly helpful when making a table of contents.

If you are using headers in your Google Doc, you can view an outlined version of your article by clicking View and Show document outline. This allows you to jump to the exact section you need to go to.

Collaborate on Google Docs

Collaborating on a Google Doc with colleagues is one of the best features of utilizing Google Docs within marketing. These hacks will take your company’s collaboration skills to the next level, resulting in high-quality content.

Adjust Google Doc Sharing Parameters

Double check privacy permissions on confidential Google Docs. First, click the Share button and then Advanced. You can control who else in your G Suite can have access to certain permissions, including: re-sharing, downloading, printing, copying, editing or changing access

Alert Collaborators of a Change in a Google Doc

Send a notification to a collaborator by adding a + in front of their email address in the comment. They will receive an email about the comment you assigned them.

Respond to Google Docs Comments in Slack

There are many Slack integrations for Google Drive. First, make sure to set up notifications to get Slack alerts when an action is taken on any Google Docs by adding Google Drive from your Slack App Directory.

Some alerts include: someone requesting access to a Google Drive file, Google Drive files being shared with you, and someone commenting on your file.

To respond to Google Doc comments in Slack simply click on the Slack alert. There you will be able to see new comments on your files and reply to them directly using Slack threads. Click the start a thread icon and type your reply.

Locate Google Docs Collaborators in Real Time

If you are collaborating with someone in real time on a document. Click on their photo or anonymous animal in the top right corner to be taken to their cursor.

View Google Doc Version History

To see all revision information about a Google Doc, click on File and then Version History. A sidebar will open on the right detailing recent Google Doc changes.

You can easily revert to an older version by clicking Restore this version, under this editor's name.

Under version history, you can also identify who made edits. Each editor is assigned a color. If you click on their name you can see their highlighted edits. To see revisions without the colored highlights, uncheck Show Changes.

Additionally, you can see viewer trends, including who has viewed your Google Doc and when. Click on the zigzag arrow in the top right-hand corner to see these stats.

You can re-name versions to help organize editing stages. For example, you can re-name versions to “First Draft” and “FINAL.”

Google Doc Editing Hacks

One of the most crucial steps in the content creation process would be editing for perfection. Google Docs makes editing shared documents a breeze. Check out these hacks.

Use Suggestion Mode While Editing Google Doc

You can write edits as suggestions without changing the integrity of the content. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner and select Suggesting. Collaborators will have the option to approve your edit suggestions.

Consistency Check

This free ad-on scans your entire document to check for inconsistencies. For example, it will show hyphenation inconsistencies, numbers that are both spelled out and in digit form, spelling variations (like grey and gray), compound word and abbreviations in two forms. You can then search for these inconsistencies and edit them quickly wherever you might find them

You can also easily edit in bulk. Use the find and replace option (shortcut: ⌘ + F.) Next, click on the three dots to the right of the search bar. There you will be able to insert which words you would like to replace and with what.

More Marketing Hacks

These marketing hacks will enhance your ability to create amazing material within Google Docs.

Translate Google Doc into Another Language

One must always proceed with caution when translating, but Google Docs does give you the option to quickly translate your document for internal use. Click Tools then Translate Document.

Find Your Google Doc in the Blink of an Eye

This hack is especially helpful for when you use Google Drive often. First, in the search bar of Google Drive, click on the drop-down arrow. You will be able to narrow down your search by type, owner, location, date modified, item name, what words it contains, who it has been shared with, and follow up items.

Present Your Google Doc

Now that you’ve created the perfect marketing content, it’s time to present it. Within Google Hangouts Meet you can present your finely crafted Google Doc by clicking Present now. You have the option to share your entire screen or a specific window. To stop sharing, click Stop presenting.

Start Using Google Docs Today

Google Docs offers incredible marketing hacks to maximize your marketing efforts. Start using these Google Doc hacks today to increase productivity, communication, collaboration, and quality assurance.


About the Author: Brianna Zantman

Brianna Zantman

Brianna Zantman is an advertising professional who has experience in digital marketing, radio and print-publication media buying, video project management, paid media, social media marketing, public relations, graphic design and photography (Adobe Creative Suite), SEO optimization, campaign and creative strategy. Brianna holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Journalism with a specialization in Advertising and a minor in Art from San Diego State University.